Legal Information

Liability note: The following site notice has been compiled by a lawyer ( Every corporate name has to enter different compulsory data in the site notice. It meets the legal requirements of a typical online shop, addressed to consumers. However, you should use the model only after careful revision and adaptation to your specific business model. In certain constellations clauses can be insufficient. If in doubt, take legal advice..

Adaptation note: Please review and change information according to your requirements.

SampleShop e.K.,
Holder: John Sample Sample-Street Sample-Number
12345 Samplecity

Managing Director: John Sample
[That information is necessary for associated companies, for example Inc./ Ltd./Gbr/OHG/UG/GmbH]

Phone number: 0123456789
Fax number: 0123456789 [Note: The fax number is optional]
E-Mail address: name @

Registry court & registry number: district court Samplecity: HR 12345
[That information is necessary if you are registered at the commercial registry or the like]

VAT ID number: DE 189 278 309
[That information is necessary when you have been assigned with a VAT ID number.]

Content responsibility: John Sample, address as above.
[That information is necessary if you keep a blog with your shop.]

[Note: Information regarding a legal disclaimer (as for the accountability for links) are not necessary.]

Information regarding online dispute resolutions: The European Commission established an internet platform for online dispute resolutions (so called ODR). The ODR serves as point of contact to reach out-of-court settlements regarding contractual obligations that arise from online purchase agreements. The ODR is available at the following link:

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